Free Web Hosting – Why should you not use it? 

When you plan to start any online business, you have to create your own web site. But just creating a web site won’t enable you doing business online. You will require services of a reliable, well established web hosting company for hosting your web site on the Internet.

More often entrepreneurs commit mistake of using free web hosting. Entrepreneurs realise at later stage that free web hosting does not guarantee safety.

One of many serious risks in use of free web hosting is the account cancellation. Free web hosting company provides only limited access and does not permit advance operations like htaccess and database file. Limitation on bandwidth leads to blockage of access to your side. When somebody visits your site, web hosting company flashes a message which mentions that user has exceeded data transfer limit and visit back after a month. Free web hosting company even goes to the extent of cancelling your account and make you lose months of efforts in promotion of your site.

Another reason why free web hosting is not safe is the absence of service level agreement. There is no firm commitment on class of service you will be provided in the event of a problem. Many free web hosting sites change their terms and conditions in the middle of contract period, even forcing you to pay or lose your site.

There are several instances when free web hosting sites change content fed by the user, without informing or getting user’s consent, using a few keywords inside all their pages.

These are only a few of many problems mentioned here. For security of your data and to avoid problems that make your site unsafe, it will be a wise decision not to use free web hosting.

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