Fat Cow Review

Fat Cow started off in 1998, and has provided friendly as well as reliable customer service ever since. They have prioritized business value on the top of their list. They have a team of strong believers in the aspect of reliable web hosting and strive to keep up to it. Their services are widely used by small and medium-sized businesses to a large extent. Fat Cow leaves no stone unturned in providing one of the most valuable web hosting solutions for customers worldwide.

 Price/ Cost Effectiveness:
At an affordable price of $66/year and a special plan called MiniMoo at $5/ year. Fat Cow offer a host of features that can shift a companies gear to a whole new level. Within this plan they offer the best tools in order for effective web hosting and web management. They also have domain registration services, marketing services, emailing services, e-commerce services, site add-ons, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited POP boxes, free website builder, free script barn, free domain name, SSL server, SEO Ad credits, 30 day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support among many more.

 Customer Service:
As mentioned before Fat Cow places customer value on the top of their list. With a team operating 24/7 round the clock, catering to customer problems and offering valuable and accurate solutions, Fat Cow guarantees reliable customer service. They also have an effective knowledge base where customers post their queries and receive solutions, making it easier for customers to tackle relatively similar issues with web hosting. Customers can also avail of the online chat system and get easy solutions online.

 Control Panel:
Fat Cow has a custom designed user-friendly control panel which makes website management and account management very easy. It offers a wide range of options in order to facilitate comfortable executions for users. Aspects like email accounting, email forwarding, database administration, spam and virus filtering, data transfers, data storage become very convenient to deal with.

  Data/ Reliability Center :
Fat Cow has 2 custom designed data centers over 2400 sq ft combined, equipped with identical infrastructure, running on N+1 power with A/C and D/C supply. They have dual M71 routers, 2IDP technology firewalls and a border gateway protocol. Their servers are maintained at cooling temperatures and give access to websites and file viewing to any servers within their network range. All machines are accurately custom designed according to service performance. Thus the service is more fast and accurate. Another addition is that all machines have identical machine substitutes. So in the event of power failure the substitute keeps the operations consistent.

 Hosting Packages:
99.9% up time, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free set up, website builder, web analytic tools, frontpage extensions, FTP access, shopsite online store, paypal shopping carts, powerpay, shared SSL, Google AdWords credit, Yahoo search marketing credit, ratepoint feedback, submitnet, unlimited domain pointing, unlimited sub domains, automated domain renewal, GBook, WordPress, phpBB, unlimited POP, webmail client, newsletter managing tool, spam filtering, customizable control panel, FAQ library, step-by-step tutorials, PHP4/5,CGI/PYTHON, MySQL database, 24/7 technical support and much more.

Fat Cow supplies all necessary elements in order for customers to have a nourishing and beneficial business venture.

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