The Benefits of Using View.Dat Software

View.Dat is a type of software solution that is designed for people that want the ability to view and then validate their Mail.dat files that have been created during the presorting process of mailing lists for the purpose of postal discounts. The View.Dat software also products a number of reports, which includes the United States Postal Services, USPS, qualification reports and postage statements.

This software will only allow Mail.dat files to be viewed. If you need to modify or edit the post-presort Mail.dat files, then you will need additional software services. Some of the specific benefits and abilities of this software are highlighted here.

Report Printing

With View.Dat you can import the Mail.dat files that are created by any type of presort product or tool and then produce Mail preparation reports, zone summaries, pallet summaries, container tags, PS-8125 forms, USPS qualification reports and USPS postage statements.

Data Viewing Capabilities

There are several options when it comes to viewing your data:

* Raw data view: This is the exact same format that is created with the presort software you use. The View.Dat is able to be used with any type of commercial presort software.

* Hierarchial/associative view: This allows data to be viewed at the highest container level and able to determine each of the subordinate containers, down to the specific piece records.

* Container label view: You can receive all of the data that is printed on the labels of the container in one simple image.

* Shipping view: You can view one image of the data that encompasses all of the aspects regarding the transportation and trucking of the mail.

Data Validation Capabilities

The View.Dat software also provides data validation services, which include:

* Basic validation: This provides validation for all of the components of the Mail.dat files in order to make sure the data is correct for the field where it resides.

* Additional validation: Other types of validation that are offered include PostalOne!, which ensure that all of the files are compliant with the standards created by the USPS for electronic submission and the acceptance of the mailing.

Understanding the capabilities of the View.Dat software will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits that it can offer your business. Carefully choose the provider of the software to ensure that you will receive quality and accurate results for your mass mailing needs.

If View.Dat software could be beneficial to your business, consider the offerings provided by Anchor Computer Software.

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