What to Know About Dedicated Web Server Hosting

There are many kinds of web hosting to choose. However, one that seems to be gaining popularity is dedicated web server hosting. Most website owners tend to choose free hosting or shared hosting. This may work for small businesses and personal sites. If you are serious about making more profit, a dedicated server is ideal. A free host or shared hosting account can only give you so many options for space and bandwidth. A business site that gets a great amount of traffic would likely experience down times on a shared server. The last thing you need is an inaccessible site.

Though dedicated web server hosting cost more, they offer many advantages over free or shared hosting. A dedicated server offers you unlimited space and bandwidth. You do not share space or bandwidth with other sites on a dedicated server. A dedicated server is more reliable. You are given more control over the variables and can make your site more efficient. You will be able to control ineffective scripts and even how your site handles applications. You have complete control although you are not the owner of the server. You choose the software and applications to use. This is something you do not get with other types of hosting. Dedicated servers also come with the option to add enhanced security features. Hackers have a harder time breaking into dedicated servers. On shared server, a hacker can hack into multiple sites.

When is it time to use a dedicated server? If your site is getting high volumes of traffic and becoming inaccessible, it may be time to change hosting. What should you look for in a hosting company? First, you want a company with no less than 98% uptime. The provider should likewise provider good customer support and different options for getting help when you need it regardless of the time of day or night. A provider also gives you a means to back up your data in case of server failure. Be certain the price is worth paying for what they offer. Using a dedicated server depends on the size of your business and your goals. The benefits are too many to not make the change. Visit JaguarPC for more details.

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