How to enhance your Pay Per Click Advertising Efforts

When you are disappointed by your Pay Per Click advertising efforts it might be tempting to give it away and try something new. However you might be using some rookie mistakes that are keeping you from reaching your goals. Here are some tips to help you enhance your pay per click advertising efforts:

* Divide and Conquer Networks: Google runs Google Search Network and Google Display Network campaigns. When you run a campaign you will automatically have the same information running on both unless you tell them otherwise. Instead you should do a sales and leads campaign on the Search Network and a separate campaign targeting your branding efforts on the Display Network. This will give you separate reports as well as allow you to take care of performance for each more effectively.

* Using Adgroups: It is important to set up Adgroups with like keywords and variations of those keywords. This will allow you to target copy using core keywords. This will improve scores while lowering your costs. Additionally, when you use different Adgroups you have to be certain the copy is properly written with content that works for that Adgroup. You have to understand how to work the appropriate keywords, content and copy to suit your Adgroup.

* Broad Category Keywords: When you go too broad on your keywords you will have more clicks but fewer conversions. This costs money for little ROI. Be certain your keywords are specific to your category in order to attract the right customer. You might be tempted to use the most common keywords but you will also have more competition in these areas and may pay more to use the keywords. You have to have a good understanding of how to use broad category keywords to your advantage.

* Negative Keywords: Everyone tends to focus on the keywords they want to use to draw customers to their content. However there is also a need to list keywords as negatives in order to avoid getting clicks you do not want. If you sell candy but not chocolate make sure you list chocolate as a negative keyword. This will stop you from paying for customers looking for chocolate at a candy store that only sell candy. The Google Keywords tool can assist with negative keywords but it can get complicated and time consuming.

Pay per click advertising works effectively as long as you understand how to work it to your advantage so only pay for the clicks that will lead to conversions.

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