Help For Old School Websites With New Techniques In Salon Web Design

For a lot of salon owners and managers once they have a good website that they like and that provides necessary information to their customers they think the job is done. In fact, salon web design styles change on a regular basis to keep up with the latest in technology and search engine features. If your website is more than a couple of years old you are missing out on some features that are sure to be limiting your exposure and your place on search engine rankings.

Fresh and New

Styles and trends in salon web design change just as trends in fashions, beauty and hairstyles change. Websites designed using old school design elements such as banner ads, outdated or non-existent links, animation as well as a heavy reliance on flash players and technology look old, out of date and distinctly bad compared to the new options.

New styles of web designs incorporate various types of current social media sites. This could be a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as other specialized types of sites. Social media hot sites will change, and these should be updated regularly.

Slideshows Add to Your Salon Web Design

A very simple way to keep your website engaging and interesting for the viewer is to include a slideshow on your home page or on the various pages of the site. The slideshow provides a constantly change in the image on the page but doesn’t slow down loading or displaying the page on virtually any type of device.

Old style flash play websites are not compatible with many new smartphones and tablets, particularly Apple products, and make your website impossible to view properly from these devices.

Features and Promotions

With the ease of adding and changing content on websites it is critical to keep things changing on your website. A blog and a couple of regular articles added a week will definitely help keep information on the site timely and relevant. Salon web design that includes these elements will be important to your clients and will keep them coming back to your website again and again.

Elements in a salon web design can date your website or make it look fresh and new. We can help you to create just the updated look you want at MyESalon

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