The all-in-One System of Convenience: Cloud Computing Consulting with Veritivity

Cloud computing has been a rather intriguing field in a number of ways. The number of options range in every category under the sun, from free options for personal blogs to massive enterprises relying on huge dedicated cloud networks to run succinctly. The best systems manage to seamlessly combine various tech aspects under one single umbrella.

The PBX phone System and other Areas

Curt Burnside, virtual Chief Cloud Officer, has helped isolate major concerns by being as transparent as possible at the company, Veritivity. VoIP Business Systems are not inherently tangible and easy to understand. Technical jargon tends to overshadow the main points. In all, the resources are attempting to collect the web, computers, and phone within one another. Phone calls can be made concurrently at numbers up to six, and dedicated hosting confirms that vast speeds will always be maintained as a standard.

Thinking Inside the Box

Business jargon can get tiring, and the term ‘thinking outside the box’ is incredibly cliché and unimaginative. It shows a false way of pushing creativity. Who wants to be outside the box anyway? It is outside the box where experiments fail and careers are crushed? Cloud Computing Consulting at Veritivity plays on this idea of being inside and outside the creative box. With tech, a firm really wants to be inside. It is where the action happens and the network functions. The ‘Office in a Box’ is a multi-purpose tool for clients to harness all the best capabilities of cloud computing in one user-intuitive free spirited source. Internet access, phone lines, software systems, computers, and everything are all built around a single frame work.

This would be concerning if the Cloud Computing Consulting wasn’t so heavily protected and managed. Minute by minute updates and data monitoring relishes in accurate protective measures that keep the system in check. A virtual team of experts carefully detail progress as well as developing proactive campaigns with in-house IT departments. The effort is invaluable. It confirms that if any one single aspect is falling short, it will be noticed with immediacy. it is a one stop source for all things involving the tech corner of the company.

We simplify Cloud Computing by helping businesses make the right choices. Schedule a free consultation with Veritivity.

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